Touran is one of the protagonists of the story. She is the happy go lucky ditsy girl of the group who is very gullible yet fast thinker. She seems to be very joyful and a little bit conceded believing she is an Idol among monsters. Monster World.


Touran has a hair in tails and the rest of the way with two braids that go down the front. She has brown hair. She has a necklace around the neck of "canines" .Usually wearing a sleeveless top with a skirt with fur and fur underneath, a belt and another belt made ​​of rope and "canines."

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Controlling sand

Touran, as a sand golem, has the ability to manipulate, and control sand. She is able to change the sand into different shapes. She can also use this ability to create smoke screens.

  • She is highly susceptible to water, as it may prevent her from changing her body into sand.


When Touran was a young child she lives with her tribe of sand golems, one day a storm formed in the desert and caused all of her tribe to melt with her being the only exception, her being half human the rain allowed her to survive in the rain. She used to cry often as a little girl, as seen in all her flash back of her as a child.